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International Investment Platform, o.c.p., a.s., is a pioneer in the provision of investment solutions and services in Slovakia and abroad.

Established in Slovakia in 1999 as SFM Group, the company was initially licensed to sell funds and insurance, and our main scope of activity was at first focused on funds, specifically the group’s range of funds which have been registered for public offer in Slovakia since 2000. As the firm grew and began to realize its full potential as a leading regional investment company we not only expanded our range of services, but also moved into the provision of investment products. In 2008, the company changed its legal form to a joint-stock company, becoming a central processing unit and obtaining a securities broker licence, which we currently use to provide our own extensive offer of regular, specialized and custom investment products.

Operating under this licence, our range of services now includes portfolio management, purchase, sales and securities management, provision of a worldwide fund platform and a complex package of services for clients. We guarantee all product services and administration, including full-service marketing, legal and back office support. But these products and services are not limited solely to Slovakia, and we operate abroad.

We Support

For the past two years, we've had the honour of standing alongside PLAMIENOK n.o. in their mission to provide care, counselling and support to children and families facing the unimaginable challenge of incurable conditions.

It's our heartfelt privilege to offer our support to such an essential cause, knowing that every gesture of kindness helps lighten the burden for families in need.

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